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“CYBERSECURITY – A Clear and Present Danger. Protect your home, your family and your business”

Cybersecurity has become one of the hottest topics in today's corporate and home environments. However, many people are not familiar with the threats or what precautions to take especially when it comes to protecting their own homes and families. With attacks increasingly starting at the human level through social media or targeted emails, everyone needs to create and maintain a high level of security awareness at home and in the workplace. Learn key concepts and steps to help protect yourself, your family, and your business in this ever-changing technology world.

Webinar Details:

LIVE: Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018
Start Time: 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

During This Webinar You’ll Discover:
  • A Clear and Present Danger – Types of threat businesses and individuals face each day.
  • How to mitigate the risk – Multi-layer approach to cybersecurity EVERY business and individual must have in place to protect themselves and their families; overlook even one and you’re exposing yourself to security breaches, identity theft, family crisis, damaging and expensive litigation, employment lawsuits and having confidential company information exposed to competitors, hackers and cyber criminals.
  • Business Continuity – Don’t let cybercriminals disrupt your business or your personal life. Learn how to continue running your business and protecting your family at all times.

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Meet Your Presenter:

Rafey Kazi
Partner & CIO at COBAIT

Rafey Kazi – Partner & CIO at COBAIT

Top performing executive, technologist, cybersecurity advocate and expert with 24-year track record of innovation and success in managing, expanding, growing and securing global organizations including C-Level experience with fortune 500 company.

Prior to joining COBAIT, Rafey worked as CIO for SunGard Energy and Commodities (now FIS) and built an impressive record of achievement through a series of increasingly responsible leadership positions for the organization.

Rafey’s expertise in infrastructures, cybersecurity and business continuity planning, policies and education methodologies have led the FAST Company Magazine to recently recognize him as one of “Leading IT Security Experts.”

Aviva Metals relies on COBAIT to maintain our network with their managed service. We feel completely secure since they monitor our service and desktops 24/7, deployed antivirus, antimalware with regular scans to keep potential threats to a minimum. Their response time is impeccable and their staff goes above and beyond each and every day.

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